Our Products

Ventilation Grilles

We sell a diversified range of ventilation grilles, offering complete solutions for any HVAC demand. We invite you to discover our portfolio in the lines below.

Double deflection discharge grilles

Single deflection discharge grilles

Grilles for circular ducts with double deflection / simple deflection

Square diffusers

Swirl-plane diffusers

Swirl-helical diffusers

Circular diffusers

Linear slot-diffuser type grids

Linear hidden slot-diffuser grids

Linear grids strip-line type

Suction grilles with fixed blades

Honeycomb suction grills

Suction grilles with perforated sheet metal

Suction-access grilles

Access gypsum board

Aluminum exterior grilles

Steel exterior grilles

Circular external grilles

Gravity grilles

Gravity-LITE grilles

Transfer grilles

Floor grilles

Suction / Inlet valves

Jet circular diffusers

Control registers for grilles and diffusers

Control registers for mounting on the duct of circular grilles

Lever control knobs for rectangular tubing

Circular flow control valves

Circular closure flaps

Circular connection valves (nonreturn)

IRIS control valves with flowmeter

Plenums for grilles and anemostats

Air filters with frame