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Dampers produced in Romania at the best quality / price ratio. Used to adjust air flow in ventilation can be manually operated or motorized (Belimo actuators) and can be equipped with rubber gaskets.

The rectangular dampers are driven by polypropylene pinions. The lamellas and frame are made of aluminium and are fitted with sealing gaskets.

The circular control valves are made of galvanized steel and can be fitted with rubber gaskets both on the body and on the clamp.


The standard damper is provided with a drive lever and a locking system, unless an electric actuator (servomotor) is required. The actuator must be related to throttle size, supply voltage and other technical details mentioned in the design (return spring, 0-10V control, etc.).

Dampers can be made on request without actuator. In this case, please consider the diameter of the drive shaft for coupling with the desired actuator, for example the lever without the lever prepared for the servomotor.

The actuator lever/actuator acts to open/close the blades by means of a 10X10 mm spindle with a length of 100 mm.

The aerodynamic blades are one of the main characteristic of the dampers.


Belimo actuator for actuating the damper.