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Think of us as your one-stop-shop, your partner with complete solutions for industrial and residential ventilation and air conditioning systems, certified ISO 9001: 2008.

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manufactured with attention to details in Romania.

Clapete antifoc

Rectangular Fire dampers FD-E120/EI60S

We are the largest manufacturer of rectangular fire dampers FD-E120/EI60S in Romania, with the shortest delivery time for orders. The lifetime of our fire dampers is 25 years and they are tested for fire according to SR EN 1366-2/2004.More »
Clapete antifoc

Rectangular Fire Dampers FD-EI120S

Our company produces rectangular fire dampers in order to isolate the gaps between the fire compartments, tested according to the EN 1366-2: 2015 standard.More »
Clapete antifoc

Rectangular fire dampers FD-EI240S

Rectangular fire dampers FD-EI240S, with 4 hours fire spreading protection, tested according to SR EN 1366-2:2015 and with a life time of 25 years. Made in Romania and delivered quickly.More »

Rectangular Smoke Control Dampers SD-EI120S-M

The dampers for the control of smoke and hot gases are used in smoke and hot gas control systems as measures of venting smoke and for lowering the number of fire-resistant pipes and fans.More »
Clapete antifoc

Circular Fire Dampers FD-EI120S

Circular fire dampers FD-EI120S, CE certified, tested according to standard EN 1366-2: 2015, classification according to EN 13501-3 up to EIS 120, nominal sizes from DN125 to DN630, produced in Romania.More »

Actuator Smoke Control Dampers SD-E120S

Manufactured in Romania, our actuator smoke control dampers SD-E120 provide protection for 120 min against the spread of a possible fire through ventilation ducts / air-conditioning.More »

Electromagnet Smoke Control Dampers SD-EI120S

The electromagnet smoke control dampers SD-EI120S are used in ventilation and air conditioning installations from office buildings, industrial buildings, commercial spaces, hospitals, auditoriums and competition halls.More »
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Used to regulate airflow in ventilation systems, they can be operated by hand or motorized (Belimo actuators) and can be fitted with rubber gaskets.More »
Tubulatura industriala

Industrial Piping

We produce sections of rolled and welded pipes with various configurations and isometrics, of various types of OL material, 304/316 stainless steel with thicknesses between 1-6 mm.More »
Grile ventilatii

Ventilation Grids

We sell a wide range of ventilation grids and our certified specialists offer assistance and solutions for any HVAC application.More »


of works where our products have been used.

We invite you to browse some of the projects where our products have been used. We look forward to your discovery of our solutions and the team of professionals behind them.